We carry the highest-quality wholesale building materials at the most competitive prices. We are sure to have everything you need, including:


  1. Historic Wood Windows:
    Zeskind’s is proud to provide the highest-quality historic wood windows in Baltimore, Annapolis, or any other historic town in our region. We can duplicate existing wood windows in our custom shop, or we can provide pressure-treated and lifetime warrantied Jeld Wen wood windows that closely match most historic windows. We also offer Sash Replacement kits so you can leave the existing frames and interior/exterior trim in place. Arches, half-rounds and elliptical designs are no problem. We’ll help contractors through the approval process, as we are experts in providing specifications and drawings when they are requested.
  2. Replacement:
    Zeskind’s custom makes and orders ALL windows to your specific custom size. We have aligned ourselves with the best vinyl and wood replacement window manufacturers in the region with an excellent balance of quality, price, warranty and options. Any look, any shape, we will make sure your project has the perfect replacement window.
  3. New Construction:
    Zeskind’s provides many different types of New Construction windows, depending on the needs of each specific project. Many of our vinyl windows are available with nail fins AND J-channel, which will ensure your vinyl siding will be installed quickly after the windows are installed. Jeld Wen even offers a brickmould and flat casing exterior frame with j-channel, so you can have a factory-trimmed window with a quick vinyl siding install.
  4. Window Repair:
    Homeowners and Contractors are both welcome to bring their windows to our Retail Hardware Store for repair. For over 90 years, Zeskind’s has been fixing wood windows and screens for Baltimore homeowners, contractors and developers. We can also repair insulated glass units in vinyl window sashes, or provide you with an insulated glass unit made to your requested size. We do not offer any field service for window repair, all products must be brought to our store for repair.


Interior doors, exterior doors, sliding patio doors, folding door systems and screens. They are the portal to the home and the entryways through we which we move from room to room. The type of door, the materials from which the door has been constructed and the door’s measurements must be precise if you hope to achieve the perfect look, feel and function. Let Zeskind’s help you find the perfect door to help you complete your next project.
  1. Interior Doors:
    Interior doors can add a certain style or flare to a room and they can provide privacy, keep the noise down and provide easy access to closets and storage areas all at the same time. Let Zeskind’s wholesale building materials sales staff help you choose the perfect doors to complement your building project.
  2. Exterior Doors:
    What is the first thing you see when you look at a new home? In most cases, it’s the front door. Exterior doors make a strong statement about the type of home or building you hope to build. Let Zeskind’s help you pick the right door for your project.
  3. Sliding Doors:
    Sliding Patio doors are an excellent solution when a inswing or outswing door gets in the way of furniture or entertaining space. They are available in builder-vinyl, premium-vinyl, primed wood, and aluminum clad wood. They always come with screens included, and most standard sizes have the options of blinds between the glass and multi-point locks. Sliding doors are known to have thinner frames and more glass area than hinged doors too!
  4. Screen/Storm Doors:
    We are a distributor for Larson Storm and screen doors, and we can also custom-make wood storm and screen doors from almost any species you can imagine.

Cabinetry and Built-In’s:

Zeskind’s is an excellent resource for Contractors and Building Professionals to design and purchase cabinetry and custom built-ins. Our sales staff will assist you and your client in choosing the right product for your project. This includes providing drawings, layouts and 3-D renderings of your specific kitchen. We have found the Wolf products to have the best quality and most competitive pricing, so we proudly offer their Classic, Transition, and Designer series and support those products in our showroom.
If a factory-made cabinet is not what you’re looking for, let us know and we’re happy to provide a quote for your custom built-in. We are experts in building bookcases, desks, entertainment centers, mudroom benches and much more.


Zeskind’s started out as a small hardware store and Hardware is the foundation of our business. It’s likely we have all the products you need in stock, especially for a Baltimore Rowhome.


You may notice our spelling of “mouldings” seems incorrect, but actually this is the Old World or historically correct spelling of the word. We have chosen to keep this spelling as a tribute to the trade. Either spelling is correct, and you will find it used interchangeably in the US and around the world.
Regardless of how you spell it, you will find Zeskinds to have a nice selection of mouldings in stock, with a mind-boggling amount of profiles available in just a few days. In addition, we can custom match any historic wood moulding you might have. This process is slightly more involved (See our FAQ page for details), but we are very experienced in this field and are very competitive with our pricing.
Please visit our downloads page for several available moulding brochures. If you cant find what you need there, give us a call and we can determine if your profile will have to be custom made, or perhaps we may have a set of knives already made that fits your needs.


Have you ever noticed that some stairs are extremely creaky, even in a newly renovated home? Conversely, have you ever been to a home where the stairs have a very solid feel and don’t make any noise as you step on each tread? This is the difference between a creaky field built stair, and a professionally manufactured set of stairs.
The manufacturing of a quality stair system is complicated process that requires special equipment and expert craftsmen. Carpenters building a set of stairs on the jobsite simply cannot achieve the level of precision or the quality of finished product that we provide with our pre-built stair systems. Not only that, but most of the box stair systems we sell cost less than the price you might spend on materials purchased at a lumberyard. Not to mention you don’t have to spend time building them.
Because stair systems can be tricky, we offer on-site measure up once your project is at the appropriate stage. Each one of our box stair systems is built using a CNC (computer numerical control) router machine to bore the stringers at precisely the correct location for each tread. The treads are actually installed into a groove in the stringer, instead of loosely being placed in-between the pieces of wood. Each tread and riser is then glued, shimmed, and nailed into place to ensure your stair system will not squeak or creak over its lifetime.
We also have the following capabilities:
  • Open left, right, or both sides with mitered returns
  • Any stair, in almost any species
  • Open rise stairs (require beefed up treads and stringers. Special code considerations & restrictions!)
  • Curving Stairs (not spiral stairs, just stairs with a slight curve!)
  • Box Winders, including 2 and 3 tread versions
  • Pre finish options for stain only (no painting)
  • Pre-built, Pre-finished and installed rail systems (stair systems not available installed, but rail systems are available installed)
  • CONTRACTORS ONLY: Please Call today to schedule an appointment!

Custom Shop:

At Zeskind’s, we speak fluent Millwork! Our facility has a fully-capable custom shop, with the capability to build just about anything out of wood that can be drawn on paper. We can duplicate most millwork products such as windows, doors, frames, mouldings, stair parts, fence parts, and any other items you might need. Contractors and Building professionals only, please contact our sales staff to discuss your needs and provide plans/drawings for your project. Sorry homeowners, unfortunately our custom shop only works with those in the building profession. As we do not offer installation, our supply of custom products is only one small piece of most projects, and the details we need to successfully and quickly make custom items are usually only available from those in the building profession. As our capacity and sales team expands, we may offer this service to homeowners in the future.