Millwork doors seem to be any lifeless thing, but they are a reflection of one’s culture, lifestyle and personality. Residential or commercial – an architecture is incomplete without them. Nowadays, a significant amount of the architectural budget goes into getting custom millwork doors, window, and other products.

Whether you are a builder, furnishing contractor, real-estate agent, or a building owner, it’s important to wisely invest your hard-earned money in custom millworks. This blog post from Zeskind’s, a leading millwork company with thousands of satisfied clients in DC, Baltimore, Alexandria, Arnold, and Towson, presents a guide to millwork door types and styles.

Door with Sidelites with Fabrication and Glass Panels

This door type and style ushers in luxury and gives you more choices regarding privacy and brightness. Going beyond the conventional single doors, door with sidelites may need some extra investment, but you will never regret doing so.  This type of door is recommended for broad entryways. More space – from frames to panels – means you have more design choices to decorate your millwork doors.

If your entryway has good height and width both, add sidelites and transom to your door unit. It’s a good way to supplement the need of windows as well. The transom panels can have glassworks to allow the right amount of light permeates into your room. If you choose to have a fabric window treatment inside, you can choose glasses with less transparency.

Door with Sidelites with Glass and Wood Panels

You can add more privacy element to your door with sidelites. Place recessed wood panels in the central section, and glass or transparent fiber panels in the sidelites on both sides. It’s a wonderful mix and match of traditional single door with the modern style, and a good way to strike a balance between brightness and privacy.

Sliding Door to Save Space

Sliding doors are the hottest trends in residential and commercial buildings. Millwork companies often mass produce them in different standard sizes and designs using wood, metal, fiber and faux wood materials.  Based on the dimension of the entryway, you can seek it from your millwork supplier. Some vendors may also help with custom doors with your favorite millwork artistry but that might cost you more. Selection of hardware matters. It should be strong enough to hold the weight of the door.

Doors in Pair with Minimalistic Design

Innovation and modernity can’t be a substitute for simplicity. We have been witnessing this door type for years, yet we love them. In wooden millwork doors, there are limitless design possibilities. Moreover, the weight of doors gets distributed in two parts on more hinges, which adds to its life. This type of door is recommended for external entryways. Your masonry work can complement to its beauty further. If you are building a new house, let your millwork company work hand-in-glove with the masons.

Hope you found the millwork door styles useful. Explore more custom door ideas with our digital library.