When it comes to furnishing and renovation work, the selection of the material matters as much as its cost and maintenance. Though different alternatives have emerged in the market, nothing could beat the popularity of wood windows and doors.

Despite being expensive, what makes wood windows and doors the best choice? Zeskind’s, the top Millwork Supplier in Maryland, has the answer.


Beauty and Appeal

Despite all the technological advancements, it’s hard to replicate the natural texture of wood. Doors and windows made out of wood are a wonderful addition to any residential or commercial building. Realtors take advantage of the consumer’s preference for wood windows and doors, as the improved interior aesthetics has become one of their unique selling points.


Wooden Doors

Unlimited Design Possibilities

Diversity in timber and structure provides millwork supplier or wood door manufacturers with endless customization options. Whether it’s getting a classic look or applying some modern computer-aided millwork design – nothing is impossible with wood as the raw material. Use of moldings and laminates further complements the design. A wide range of finishing and coating options are available from natural polish to synthetic enamel.

Thermal Conditioning

Compared to metal, glass or PVC materials, wood exhibits a low thermal conductivity or have high heat insulation capacity. Now, you might have understood the fact that why monuments with historic windows have wooden doors or windows.  Depending upon the climate, wood door manufacturers often come up with door or window made up of specific timber.

Easy to Maintain

Wooden windows or doors do not demand much upkeeping. The surface doesn’t go oxidation or rusting. You can wash and wipe a wood door or window. If your wooden doors or windows face the external environment most of the time, you can add more to its life by applying some suitable waterproof sealer, which can also enhance the look and feel.


Hardware Fittings

Hardware items like hinges, locks, bolts, handles, screws, etc. fit strongly with wood windows or doors because of the compact structure of the wood. Well-fixed hardware not just functions smoothly but also stays long. It saves unnecessary hassles and maintenance or repair cost. Buying the right quality items from a hardware retail store is also equally important.

Noise Resistant

Wood also blocks or cuts noise pollution, which contributes towards a healthy living.  If your home or office is on a busy street or neighborhood, going with wood windows or doors is a wise idea.

However, there is a scientific clause associated with the acoustic property of wood. Wood conducts sound better in the longitudinal direction of the grain than perpendicular to it. Leading Wood Door or Window Manufacturers knows about the fact and intelligently craft the design or pattern.