Things to consider for Custom Home Windows in 2021

Sitting by the window with a cup of coffee enjoying the morning sunshine is priceless. Be it the spring breeze or monsoon rain — a perfect window is your window to inner peace and creativity. Going for custom home windows is perhaps the best home decor to opt for. Custom millwork done correctly can create a space in your home that goes beyond functionality. If you want to replace your current windows or are designing your next home, consider high-quality millwork for the dream windows. The right window styles will not only transform the exterior of your home but also improve its energy efficiency.

What to Consider For Choosing Custom Home Windows?

  • Design: The design of the custom windows can be anything ranging from classic/traditional, to sleek and contemporary.
  • Style: Find out about the different types of casements — Single Hung, Double Hung, or Arched. With custom millwork, you can choose your pick or get a more personalized one.
  • Material: Various kinds of woods can be used for custom home windows. You can choose from Mahogany, Maple wood, Cherry, Fir Wood, White Pine, White Oak, Hemlock, etc. Find out all your options with Zeskind’s Hardware & Millwork for all residential millwork projects.
  • Geographic Positioning: Consider how your home sits concerning the sun rising and setting. Depending on your geographic positioning the windows should be chosen to avoid unwanted sunlight; or craving for natural sunlight. Windows place correctly will ensure that your home doesn’t heat and cool unnaturally that costs higher utility bills.
  • Glazing: Consider the thermal performance and energy efficiency of the style and material. Window glazing is the glass inside of a window or the putty that holds the glass in place. Glazing also refers to the process of installing the window glaze using the putty. This ensures proper seal all around and proves to be more energy efficient.
  • Costs: Take a look at the above choices and compare quotes from different woodworkers in your area. If you are looking for custom woodwork in Baltimore, MD, get a consultation now!

Based on the size and position of any room, the size and style of the window will vary. The same window that looks gorgeous in a living space, may not work for a bedroom. It will also affect the overall mood and personality of the room. Decide on what purpose the window is going to serve. The color of the windows will affect both the exterior and interior look of your home.

Take a look at the neighboring homes to get a sense of what existing colors are present surrounding you. If you want to perfectly blend in the neighborhood, choose a trim color for your home, and consider using the same color on your window frames. However, you can also go rogue with colors to stand out. Just keep a color palette stable for your entire house to maintain harmony.

Zeskind’s provides many different types of New Construction windows, depending on the needs of each specific project. Homeowners and Contractors are both welcome to bring their windows to our Retail Hardware Store for repair. For over 90 years, Zeskind’s has been fixing wood windows and screens for Baltimore homeowners, contractors and developers.