Zeskind’s Retail Hardware store was founded on stocking hardware to suit the needs of homeowners, contractors and developers in Baltimore City. The small Baltimore hardware store was opened in 1925 and today we are a sought-after supplier of all types of hard to find retail hardware products.

We are your one-stop shop for all retail hardware items.

  • Replacement Glass And Window Repair: We offer regular glass and  plexi-glass in stock, or we can for ordering order tempered and safety glass for most building situations. Don’t forget about our historic putty wood window and vinyl window repair. You will find our prices will be extremely competitive.
  • Screen Repair: Bring your screens or screen doors to Zeskinds for quick and affordable repairs.
  • Lock And Key: Bring your locks down to our Retail Hardware store, and our specialists can re-key and master key all of your locks as needed. We also cut keys for all types of vehicles, residential and commercial locks and more.
  • Electrical: From breakers, wiring, fuses, boxes, switches, receptacles, plugs, lighting, parts and more, we carry all of your basic electrical product needs.
  • Plumbing: With stock fittings for copper, galvanized, black pipe, CPVC (including brass fittings), shark-bite and more, you will only find the highest-quality, all-metal replacement and faucet parts, including seats, springs, stems and much more.
  • Nuts, Bolts, Nails And Screws: We carry a full assortment of interior and exterior rated screws, nails, nuts and bolts and have been purchasing bulk nails and screws since we opened our doors over 90 years ago. We sell them in as large or small quantity as you need (even just one!) That means we can sell you the exact amount of product you need at a price lower than anyone around.
  • Decorative Hardware: Our full line of decorative hardware and accessories for your doors, and kitchen and bath cabinetry comes in all styles, prices and levels of quality. Visit our retail store today, or check out our resources section for just some of our offerings.
  • Paint And Sundries: At Zeskind’s we have always carried a full line of oil-based and latex paints, brushes, drop cloths and much more, with complete value and savings in mind.