Have you ever noticed that some stairs are extremely creaky, even in a newly renovated home? Conversely, have you ever been to a home where the stairs have a very solid feel and don’t make any noise as you step on each tread? This is the difference between a creaky field built stair, and a professionally manufactured set of stairs.
The manufacturing of a quality stair system is complicated process that requires special equipment and expert craftsmen. Carpenters building a set of stairs on the jobsite simply cannot achieve the level of precision or the quality of finished product that we provide with our pre-built stair systems. Not only that, but most of the box stair systems we sell cost less than the price you might spend on materials purchased at a lumberyard. Not to mention you don’t have to spend time building them.
Because stair systems can be tricky, we offer on-site measure up once your project is at the appropriate stage. Each one of our box stair systems is built using a CNC (computer numerical control) router machine to bore the stringers at precisely the correct location for each tread. The treads are actually installed into a groove in the stringer, instead of loosely being placed in-between the pieces of wood. Each tread and riser is then glued, shimmed, and nailed into place to ensure your stair system will not squeak or creak over its lifetime.
We also have the following capabilities:
  • Open left, right, or both sides with mitered returns
  • Any stair, in almost any species
  • Open rise stairs (require beefed up treads and stringers. Special code considerations & restrictions!)
  • Curving Stairs (not spiral stairs, just stairs with a slight curve!)
  • Box Winders, including 2 and 3 tread versions
  • Pre finish options for stain only (no painting)
  • Pre-built, Pre-finished and installed rail systems (stair systems not available installed, but rail systems are available installed)
  • CONTRACTORS ONLY: Please Call today to schedule an appointment!