In the last 12 months, Zeskind’s has undergone a transformation unlike any other millwork distribution company in the region. We have introduced in-house manufacturing capabilities with a new interior and exterior door facility and enhancement shop. We implemented a modern software system to handle every aspect of running a millwork and manufacturing company, while also having grown our team to over 15 employees. Our success can only be attributed to the combined dedication of our employees and the loyalty of our customers. We are grateful to everyone who helped improve Zeskind’s throughout our expansion.

Our Company is Second to None
I am excited to share our vision for 2017 and beyond. Our new company structure concentrates the most talented millwork people in our region, and now, our company is second to none. Starting in 2017 Greg Davis– my mentor of nearly 15 years– joined Zeskind’s as General Manager with the goal of improving upon the structure of our organization. Also new in 2017, Jeff Gleeson is now our Operations Manager, and will be overseeing the manufacturing and shipping divisions at Zeskind’s.

A New “Team” Sales Structure
In 2017 we expanded our sales force to introduce a new “team” sales structure. Each Outside Salesperson will now have a dedicated Inside Salesperson to provide additional customer support, and ensure quotes and orders are turned around more quickly. With the Inside Sales Team based in our Baltimore offices, customers will notice improved response times to inquiries.

The Future Course of Our Company
As I shift my prior sales responsibilities to our new team, I will continue to navigate the future course of our company, manage relationships with our vendors, ensure the financial well-being of our company, and guarantee our finished products are of the highest quality and competitively priced. While you may not see me on the job site as often, you will continue to see my attention to detail and my passion for millwork in our finished products. Thank you for your continued support and I look forward to our mutual success in the future.

Rick Miller, Jr.