Improve the Look of Your Home with Custom Interior Doors

Custom Interior Doors, Interior doors, exterior doors, sliding patio doors, folding door systems and screens-are the portals to our homes. They make entryways through which we move from one room to the other. The type of door materials used and the door’s measurements must be accurate. For the perfect look, feel and function in your home, keep a check on the details.

Custom Interior Doors:

Custom Interior Doors

Interior doors can enhance a certain style or flare to a room and can provide privacy. They also help in keeping the noise down and provide easy access to closets and storage areas. A good millwork supply company’s wholesale building material can help you choose the perfect doors to complement your home/building project.

Sliding Doors:

Sliding Doors

Sliding Patio doors are an excellent solution when an inswing or outswing door gets in the way of furniture or entertaining space. Sliding doors come in builder-vinyl, premium-vinyl, primed wood, and aluminium clad wood. They always come with screens included, and generally, the standard sizes have the options of blinds between the glass and multi-point locks. Sliding doors are recognized to have thinner frames and more glass area than hinged doors too!

Screen/Storm Doors:

Screen/Storm Doors

Retractable screen/storm doors feature a screen that is rolled up when not in use into the frame of the storm door.
Storm doors refer to the glass door installed over an existing exterior door. They can add protection from the elements. They increase home security and enable more natural light into your home.

We at Zeskind’s are a distributor for Larson Storm and screen doors, and we can also custom-make wood storm and screen doors from almost any species you can imagine.

Exterior Doors:

Exterior Doors

What is the first thing you see when you look at a building? In most cases, it’s the front door. Exterior doors make a solid statement about the type of home or building you are hoping to build. A millwork supply company will help you pick the right door for your project.

For a home, doors need a lot of detailing doesn’t matter the room for which the door is being installed. Zeskind’s is proud to provide the highest-quality Doors in Baltimore, Annapolis, or any other historic town in our region. We can duplicate existing millwork doors in our custom shop, or we can provide repair and replacement services for Custom Interior Doors, Millwork Doors, Custom Doors, Historic Doors whenever needed. Arches, half-rounds and elliptical designs are not at all problematic. We’ll assist the contractors through the approval process, as we are experts in providing specifications and drawings when they are requested. Let Zeskind’s help you find the perfect door to help you complete your home.