wooden door

Interior doors, exterior doors, sliding patio doors, folding door systems and screens, Millwork Doors, Historic Doors, and Custom doors-these are the doors generally demanded. They are the portal to the home and the entryways through which we move from room to room. The type of door, the materials from which the door has been constructed and the door’s measurements must be precise if you hope to achieve the perfect look, feel, and function. Maintaining the doors, however, is very important but not a difficult task to do. Let’s help you with some easy steps to maintain your wooden door.

  1. Regular dusting

Dust and cobwebs are the most common things in homes, no matter how clean they are. The doorways are affected by these the maximum. The minute details and carvings make doors especially internal doors more exposed to dust. The easiest way to prevent these is my regular dusting. You can use feather dusters or clean paintbrushes for the hard to reach spaces. This way you can keep the doors clean.

  1. Light washes

Generally, not all types of doors require heavy cleaning processes. Most of the doors can be easily cleaned with a light wash, water and gentle dish soap. All you need to do is use some warm water and a small amount of gentle dish soap and clean the door with a soft sponge. Scrub softly wherever required. Don’t forget to wipe the edges of the door and ensure that no soap is left behind on the door’s surface. Also, make sure that the door is dried properly after the wash. You can wipe it down with a soft clean cloth or towel.

  1. Stubborn stains

Accidents are bound to happen and stains? Well, stains can appear and ruin your wooden doors. You don’t need to panic. The trick here is just wearing some gloves, apply few drops of liquid spirit (or paint thinners) on a clean rag. Then to remove these persistent stains or utterly built-up dirt and grime use the rag with the grain of wood and rub. Don’t forget to wipe the door with clean water after the procedure. This removes any leftover chemicals. Then dry the surface of the door.

  1. Don’t forget the handles

One of the dirtiest parts of a door is the door handles. Certainly, the reason behind this is the huge number of hands and their touch frequency on the door handles. It is very important to remove any germs and bacteria that may be accumulated on the handles and the fittings. A sanitising spray can be used. However, this should be done frequently and not only when you are giving the door a full wash.

  1. A final polish

It is always suggested to use some liquid furniture polish as a finishing touch to your doors after the cleaning procedures, especially if you used a paint stripper. You can use the polish after a light wash as well. To bring out the natural and beautiful sheen to your wooden door, just spray the liquid furniture polish on a clean rag or cloth and rub on the grain of the wood.

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