The warmth and natural feel of a wooden door can enhance your exterior explicitly. As you approach a home, the exterior of the building, especially the front door, says a lot about what mystery it holds inside. One right choice of the front door can enhance your exterior and in terms the first impression.

Millwork Wooden Doors

Doors are not only a functional element of your home, but also provide the much-needed security and privacy from the outside world. They add aesthetic appeal and express a personality statement of your abode. Even though there are many choices of engineered plastics and polymers, nothing can compare with the enduring, time-tested beauty of real wood. Plus, wooden doors add a certain elegance that will resonate for generations to come.

Quality hardwoods are the preferred choice for high end, custom door renovations and you can choose from a huge range of classical or contemporary, natural finished or painted doors. Just make sure it is an exterior grade, well seasoned so that it is durable. Weatherproofing with a melamine coat is a must for the exterior wooden doors.


You may also go for a wooden door with inserted glass for a contemporary look. Such a door will allow you to see who your visitors are before you open the door. Teak wood, Pinewood, Bamboo, Oakwood, Mahogany wood, maple wood or rosewood door—the range of choice is huge and every wood offers a certain set of quality. You may also go for Cedar or walnut wood. While Cedar is one of the world’s most robust wood species, walnut is popular among craftsmen and is utilized for a variety of different purposes.

Wooden Doors

Also there are many choices of double doors available in the market to amp your wooden door game. If you have space, do open up your areas with greater eloquence. Double doors add twice the elegance and make a grand statement. If you are looking for a more rustic look for your front entry door, consider using knotty alder wood to help you achieve that look.

Engineered woods are generally made with the base of birch plywood and have a top layer of natural solid wood, i.e. the natural solid wood. These can offer all the goodness of the natural wood door in a much reasonable price.

Consulting a hardwood specialist can help a lot. Whether you opt for mahogany, White Oak or another quality hardwood, a design professional can help navigate the forest of choices available and recommend a product best suited to your home’s setting. 

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