If you are heading to a millwork store to get door handles matching your interior, this collection of door handle designs might be helpful.

  1. Modern Rectangular American Cylinder Door Handle (keyed “Above” or “Below”)

    Official or residential – this metallic door handle syncs with all door types. Choose the lock position (up or down) as per your convenience. Mind the laminate or texture of your door and four walls while selecting the door handles. Satin brass, oil rubbed bronze, polished nickel, satin nickel, polished chrome, and unlacquered brass, to name a few – you can get the door handle with a polish of your choice. The cost may vary a bit by the type of finish. Standard size: 2.5 inch×17.5 inch.

  2. Arched Door Handle (keyed “Above” or “Below”)

    Rounded handle plate, and the twist in the handle gives it a distinct look. However, if you love simplicity the get the flat-designed handled. The beautiful combination of the plate and handle will make your guests wonder about your intelligence regarding aesthetics.

    The handle plat is .5 inch wider than the above door handle model while the length remains the same. Zeskind’s Retail Hardware Store in Baltimore has got a range of door handles in flat black bronze, medium bronze, and tumbled white bronze polishes.

  3. Melrose Euro Cylinder Door Handle (keyed “Above” or “Below”)

    This Melrose-style door handle has a slim plate holding a Euro-shaped hand-grip or lever matching the ergonomics well. The key system has been positioned either above or below the grip structure. The door handle is available in multiple textures – polished brass, French antique, oil rubbed bronze, polished nickel, satin nickel and much more – to help you get the right match for your custom millwork door.

  4. Concord Door Handle Non-Keyed or Keyed (Lever Style: Rustic Vs Cortina)

    Truly called as “Concord” handles – as it signifies an agreement between you and the world that surrounds you. The slim design of the plate (width 1.5 to 2.0 inch, length 11 to 10 inch) sits nicely on any kind of door surface – real wood or faux wood).

    The lever has rounded edges in both the options (Rustic, Cortina) that fits smoothly in the hand of your child. Zeskind millwork supplier makes the door handle available in multiple textures including polished brass, French antique, oil rubbed bronze, satin nickel, pewter, flat black, polished chrome, and unlacquered brass.

  5. Bronze Tuscany Door Handle (Non-keyed and Keyed)

    The marvelousness and glory of Italian architecture doesn’t need an introduction. Tuscany is derived from Italian Toscano, means belonging to the Tusci, a people of ancient Italy. The slim plate measuring 1.5 to 2 inches has got fine design at both ends (top, bottom).

    Choose the lever design from: Octagon Vs Medici, and finish from the options flat black bronze and medium bronze. Keyed or non-keyed – the choice remains with you.

  6. Stainless Steel American Cylinder (Lever Style: Poseidon Vs Hermes)

    This door handle featuring a rectangular stainless-steel plate can fit with any standard door thickness. It comes in two lever choices (Posidon Vs Hermes). The minimalistic design looks great in home or corporate ambience, and is also one of the most economical options.

  7. Modern Keyed Door Handle (Lever Style: Aireon Vs Helios)

    Keyed with the same American cylinder-modeled plate as what we mentioned in the beginning, this door handle has a key mechanism along with a lever. The lever has got two variants, viz., Aireon and Helios. The door handles fits with any standard door thickness (1×5/8” to 2”). Thickness over 2-inch is considered as extended thickness.

  8. Stainless Steel Door Handle (Lever Style: Athena Vs Dresden)

    This gorgeous stainless-steel door handle attracts the eyeballs even in dim light thanks to the impeccable shiny surface. The plate thickness varies a bit in non-keyed and keyed versions of the door handles. Pick the lever option (Athena Vs Dresden) that makes you move.

  9. Sandcast Arched Door Handle (Lever Style: Cimarron Vs Durango)


    The door handle has an American cylinder design plate featuring an arch or a curved symmetrical structure at top and bottom. Depending upon the type of entryway the door serves you can choose a keyed or non-keyed door handle. The lever design is also a factor of selection. Cimarron lever has a flat design while the Durango lever has an artistic curve look. Three finishing options including flat black bronze, medium bronze, and tumbled white bronze are highly popular.

  10. Brass Concord Non-Keyed (Lever Style: Turino Vs Santa Fe)

    If you are looking for door handle options for interior doors (Washroom, Kitchen) at the most affordable price, this Brass Concord Non-keyed door handle designs are the right fit. Hold the lever to find what is more comfortable to you. At our millwork hardware store in Baltimore, you can find this door handle in finishing or texture that appeals your senses.

    Hope you found the Zeskind’s door handle ideas useful.

    Contemporary or historic doors, we have handles to match both. Visit our hardware retail store in Baltimore to experience more.