A window shields your home or any space against dust, rain and storm. A window adds to your privacy.  A widow serves as an entrance of air and light. A window speaks about your lifestyle. A window sets the mood by connecting you with the beautiful world outside. When a window affects life in so many ways, How to Choose Perfect Window for Your House is a matter to ponder on.

Whether you are a contractor, homeowner, or business owner, Zeskind’s, the leading hardware and millwork store in Baltimore City, is here with its checklist on How to Choose Perfect Window for Your House to help you choose it right.


Design of the window makes a difference to the elegance of the window as well to the walls and the entire buildings. Style, color and finishes – the three cardinals of the window design, needs the attention of the millwork supplier you choose. Your inputs matter a lot as it’s not they, but you are there to spend time in the environment.


Take the time to choose appropriate window designs to achieve the amount of privacy that you desire. For different spaces it varies. For bathroom and bedroom, you have to go with window designs that offer more privacy. For semi-private and public areas, you can adopt certain degree of openness. Panel options made out of vinyl, glass or some suitable plastic materials can induce different level of privacy based on their thickness and transparency.


A well-ventilated environment is a prerequisite of a healthy lifestyle. Windows must be able to provide the desired amount of ventilation to your room, lounge or building. Changing the design patterns can help you control the ventilation. It would be great if you can gain flexibility and have options to have different level of ventilation as and when required.


Natural and artificial – a window should help you to make the most of the both options. Bedroom, study room, kitchen, drawing room – everywhere you need the right amount of lighting.  Proper attention to the lighting needs, adds to your convenience. It also helps you save electricity by making the optimum use of day hour light. The rays of sunlight work as disinfectant too. It dries out the moisture that often support microbiological growth.


From handles and latches to hinges or slider framework – use everything of premium quality only. Take note of the make and model, strength, durability, thermal performance, water-resistant, and other aspects. Once installed, it’s challenging to replace them every now and then. The selection of window hardware adds to the elegance and durability both, and it makes life easier as well. Zeskind’s hardware retail store in Baltimore helps you with your choice.


Wood, and vinyl are the popular material options available in the market. Exterior or interior – depending upon the placement of your window, go with either of the material options. Vinyl window is the most ideal choice when your window is prone to rain and extended sunshine hours. Consult with your interior designer regarding the different wood or vinyl types applied in the making of windows, compare prices of windows produced by brands like TrustgardCrusader, Northeast, and others, and make an informed decision.

Sometimes, choosing perfect windows might extend your planned budget, but it saves your money  towards unnecessary or untimely window replacement or repair cost. 

Hope you are ready to choose the perfect window for your house  now!