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Deborah Miller & Rick Miller Sr: Co-owners
Deborah Miller & Rick Miller Sr: Co-ownersPresident/CEO and Vice President
Working together for over 40 years, the two dedicated entrepreneurs have grown their business from almost nothing into an extremely successful retail business. For over four decades, Deborah has maintained Zeskind’s accounting, financial planning and human resources, and has worked hard to ensure the company is successful and financially stable. Since the late 1960’s, Rick has been the face of Zeskind’s, working long hours, six days a week, never skipping a beat. He provides customers with an unparalleled knowledge of Baltimore rowhome hardware products. Thanks to their continued support and watchful eye, Zeskind’s will continue to be successful for decades to come.
Rick Miller Jr : Co-Owner
Rick Miller Jr : Co-OwnerVice President Millwork Division
Growing up, Rick Jr. worked in the retail hardware store repairing windows and screens, waiting on customers, and loading materials. After college, Rick worked as a superintendent for a residential home-builder, gaining experience in the field. He then joined Sinclair Supply, hired by Greg Davis as an inside salesperson as part of a talented millwork sales team. He and Davis’ paths crossed again at Lamar & Wallace. In 2005, Rick Jr. then joined New Zealand-based Tenon, LTD as the National Product Manager for Clear Mouldings and helped expand Tenon’s Global Procurement Program. In 2008, Rick proposed growing the family business to ensure it would reach a fourth generation of family ownership, and began his full-time position at Zeskind’s.
Greg Davis
Greg DavisGeneral Manager
For decades, Greg has worked with respected builders and remodelers while holding management positions at 84 Lumber, Sinclair Supply, Allied Building Products, and Lamar & Wallace. Collaboration with some of the best talent in the millwork industry has provided him with experience and knowledge unmatched in our region. Joining Zeskind’s in November of 2016, Greg’s enthusiasm and years of industry knowledge will now be focused on Baltimore and the greater Maryland area. He shares Zeskind’s goal for providing unmatched quality and service in the Millwork sector, and brings a unique vision and professional structure to the company.
Jeff Gleeson
Jeff GleesonOperations Manager
Jeff has a rich background in millwork. While working for himself making custom furniture and built-ins for his company Camden Studio, he also did trim package installation on the side. He then worked at Lamar and Wallace as an Inside Salesperson for many years before joining Zeskind’s in 2015. Now Jeff’s talents are focused on overseeing our Production Shops and ensuring Shipping and Receiving run smoothly for our company.


Greg Hupka
Greg HupkaOutside Sales
Greg joined Zeskind’s in 2011 as our first driver and Delivery Coordinator. With a background in the construction industry, he was a valuable asset to Zeskind’s from the beginning. Greg accepted a role promoting him to Outside Sales in 2013, and has since excelled greatly in that position and expanded Zeskind’s customer base. His expertise, combined with the support of our new company structure, will allow Greg to succeed more than ever before in servicing our customers.
KevinInside Sales
Kevin has over 12 years of experience in millwork sales, service, and specification industry that he brings to Zeskind’s. He worked for four years as a Sales Consultant for Wholesale Millwork, getting hands-on experience with mouldings and trim, as well as maintaining sales accounts. He then moved to Wallbrook Mill and Lumber for eight years, where he specialized in millwork sales and custom shop quotes and specification. Kevin joined Zeskind’s in 2016, and we’re very excited to have him on our team.
JohnInside Sales
Before joining Zeskind’s in 2013, John worked in the carpentry, HVAC, electrical and plumbing trades. Upon joining Zeskind’s, John worked very hard as our Delivery Driver and moved up to Delivery Coordinator, and then to Shipping Manager. Now in 2017, John has transitioned to our sales team which allows him to use everything he has learned to continue to grow with our company.


With a background in the construction field, Adam joined Zeskind’s in 2014 assisting with deliveries. He has always shown great passion for Zeskind’s core values, and for millwork in general. Never backing down from a challenge, Adam shifted positAons into the overseeing of our new warehouse, and is now responsible for keeping things running smoothly with our shipping/receiving team and company operations in general. Adam enjoys working on his own Baltimore rowhome in his spare time.
Tony has a strong background in the materials handling and construction industries, from operating machinery to working in sheetrock and painting. After working in several large corporate warehouses, Tony joined our team in August of 2016 and has been integral in the loading and delivery of materials, and assisting in warehouse responsibilities. We look forward to his continued growth at Zeskind’s.


GeneProduction Shop
After his time as a production line manager at a major corporate entity, Gene moved into the construction field where he worked for many years, mostly as a framing and trim carpenter and eventually in exterior door repair and renovation. This made him a perfect fit for our door shop, where he started in 2016. Gene focuses primarily on exterior doors, but he also keeps an eye on all parts of the production shop including interior door production and enhancement work.
RonProduction Shop
Ron joined Zeskind’s in 2016 after working at Wallbrook Mill and Lumber company for 32 years. His first 15 years at that shop focused on custom cabinetry and built-ins. He then shifted to custom millwork during the last 17 years. We look forward to the skills and knowledge Ron brings to Zeskind’s, and how his expertise will expand our custom shop capabilities and product offering.
SeanProduction Shop
Sean has a five-year history in warehouse and shipping, followed by a 15-year history in the building industry, with a focus on carpentry and installing door and trim packages in the field. His experience working with millwork made him a natural fit to join our production shop in 2016 where he now assembles our interior and exterior doors.


Rick Miller Sr.
Rick Miller Sr.Co-owner, Vice President
Since the late 1960’s, Rick has been the face of Zeskind’s, working 10-15 hour days, six days a week, taking few holidays. He provides customers with an unparalleled knowledge of Baltimore rowhome hardware products. Thanks to his continued support and watchful eye, Zeskind’s will continue to be successful for decades to come.
MikeRetail Hardware
In 1999 Mike joined Zeskind’s retail hardware store, and is now one of the three people customers will no doubt see when they walk through the door. Mike’s expertise not only lies in helping customers find the right hardware products at the retail store, but he also assists walk-in customers in ordering more basic vinyl windows and kitchen cabinet packages. A dedicated and passionate employee, Mike is up to any challenge brought to the retail store, and always goes over and above to service Zeskind’s customers.
KennyRetail Hardware
Growing up around the corner from the retail store, Kenny began working for Zeskind’s in 1984. Kenny is the longest tenured employee at Zeskind’s, and a face customers expect to see behind the counter at the retail store. Along with assisting retail customers, Kenny is also responsible for window repair, screen repair, cutting glass and building insulated glass units as needed for the entire company including the door shops. With several decades of expertise under his belt, Kenny has seen just about everything possible in the retail hardware arena.